People often ask me why I decided to start Atlantic Homecare Services. My commitment to our patients can be tied to my same commitment as a father. At Atlantic Homecare, our mission is to provide exceptional patient care and service to those we serve, while creating an environment where our healthcare professionals feel trusted and valued. 

Early in my career in homecare, an unexpected event led to my job becoming deeply personal as my middle son was born in 2000 with severe medical complications, and not expected to survive. He was placed on life support and moved immediately to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughter’s in Norfolk, Virginia. He remained in the NICU and on a ventilator for months while our family stuck together, prayed for a miracle and did our best to make life as normal as possible for our older son, Quenton. Concerned with the impact on Quenton seeing his brother for the 1st time in the NICU, we asked Quenton, then 9 years old, if he was sure that he wanted to go in. Quenton quickly answered, word for word, “ I have to go in to see him in case he dies, so I can always say that I met my little brother and told him I love him”.

These words and his bravery are etched in my memory forever. Our youngest son was discharged from the NICU several months later and in spite of a rollercoaster of hospital visits over the next year and a half, he would go on to make a complete recovery, and today is in perfect health. Quenton started his career at Atlantic Homecare in 2014 is now the Administrator of our location in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Throughout this experience, we learned what it means to rely so deeply on others as we certainly did on our son’s team of caregivers. This only solidified our belief, which today is the guiding principle of Atlantic Homecare. It’s not enough to provide qualified caregivers to our patients and clients. It’s only when care is delivered with sincere compassion and respect, that true quality of care can be achieved. From our own personal experiences, we understand the significance and impact that a positive, compassionate and dedicated nurse or caregiver provides, far beyond the necessary tasks of care.

This is why Atlantic is committed to all of our patients, clients, and employees entrusting our team as though we are taking care of our own family. This is personal to our Atlantic Family and is our pledge to those we serve.

We hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day and are able to spend this day with your family and loved ones.

From Our Family to Yours,
Brad Foster